📻 "GS Plus" Audio Form

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Next podcast: (to be announced)

What is "GS Plus"?

A non-Aristotelian podcast curated by Justinas, but created by everyone.

How does it work?

Over a period of a month upload your 5 minutes of audio and on last day of every month we release a joint-podcast.

Anything goes?

Almost. No hate speech. Stay on sanity-track.

Ideas for audio:

Short lecture, share news, tell a story, ask questions, play music or read a book.

Particulars left out.

  • You'll be able to listen/review your audio before submitting.
  • By submitting you give me permission to use your audio for "GS Plus" podcast.
  • Introduce yourself!
  • Max 5 minutes.
  • Before recording a popup will show up asking for microphone permission.

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